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Louisa & Tobi's fully packed Touring Bicycles in the Australian Outback

Handlebar Bag:

  • Documents

  • Mini-Tripod

  • Bicycle Multitool

  • Sunglasses

  • Journal + Pen

  • Headlamp

  • First Aid Kit / Pharmacy

  • Basic Toiletries

Dry Bag:​

  • 2x Bowls + Lids

  • 2x Spoons 

  • Tea Towel

  • Snacks, e.g. Crackers, Peanut Butter, Cookies, Nuts

  • Breakfast, e.g. Oatmeal, Coffee

  • Dinner, e.g. Lentils, Pasta, Salt, Broth

Right Rear Pannier:

  • Editing Laptop + Charger

  • Wireless Mouse 

  • Clothes (L & T)

  • Travel Adapter Cables

  • Optional: Extra Food 

Right Front Pannier:

  • Drone + Remote, 3x Batteries & Charger

  • Audio Recorder

  • Camera Microphone 

  • Chromebook Laptop

  • Personal Locator Beacon

  • SSD

Handlebar Bag:

  • Documents

  • Mirrorless Camera

  • Powerbank

  • Phone

  • Earphones

  • Headlamp

  • Sunglasses

Rack Pack:

  • Louisa's Sleeping Bag

  • Tobi's Sleeping Bag

Right Rear Pannier:

  • 2x Sleeping Mat

  • 2x Sleeping Bag Liner

  • Sleeping Clothes (L & T)

  • 2x Down Jackets (L & T)

  • 2x Winter Gloves (L & T)

  • 2x Hats (L & T)


  • 1.2L Water Bottle (Handlebar)

  • 1.1L Vacuum Bottle 

  • 1.5L Vacuum Bottle

  • 0.6L Petrol Bottle 


  • 2x 1.2L Water Bottle (Handlebar)

  • 2x 2.2L Water Bottle (Fork)

  • 1.4L Water Bottle


Where we have everything stored on our Touring Bicycles

Left Front Pannier:

  • Cooking Set (Stove + Pots)

  • JavaPress

  • Fork & Knife

  • Cutting Board

  • Washing Line

  • Leatherman Multitool

  • Chain Lube

  • 2x Rain Jacket (L & T)

  • 2x Rain Pants (L &T)

  • Folding Backpack

Left Rear Pannier:

  • Tent

  • 2x Sneakers (L & T)

  • Toolset

  • Spares & Tubes

  • Optional: Extra Food

Left Rear Pannier:

  • 2x Camping Chair (L & T)

  • Water Filter

  • Travel Towel

  • Toiletries

  • Solar Panel

  • Daily Medication

  • Hand Pump & Tube Patch Kit

  • E-Reader

  • Wet Wipes

We started our journey with a fairly heavy setup, both of us carrying one handlebar bag, four panniers, one rack pack and of course our guitars. But from the first day on we have been optimizing our gear, always reevaluating if we really needed everything that we carry.

So after four months Louisa was able to sell her guitar to fellow bike travelers, as she wasn't really playing it at all. Tobi's guitar actually traveled with us for almost two years and over 30,000 km before we decided to also leave it behind (June 2023), mainly because our interests had changed and having & playing the guitar wasn't a priority anymore.


Our self-built guitar rack had already broken down for good while cycling in Bolivia (January 2023), which made us get rid of one rack pack so Tobi would be able to carry the guitar on his rear rack for a while.


Leaving first the rack pack and then the guitar behind really got the ball rolling and motivated us to optimize our setup more & more. So after a lot of reorganizing and getting rid of lots of stuff, we managed to remove Louisa's front rack & panniers (September 2023)!

For the final months of our journey, Louisa's bike had two bottle holders attached to the fork, enabling us to carry up to 6L of extra water. And instead of keeping our food in one of her front panniers, it was stored in a dry bag between the rear panniers, attached to the rack.

Apart from the missing guitar rack and different panniers, Tobi's bike still pretty much looked the same after three years as it did when we started in 2021, even though it was much lighter at the end.

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