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Gear Lists


Louisa's Clothes

Cycling Clothes:

  • 1x Thin Long-Sleeved Outdoor Shirt (synthetic)

  • 1x Short Padded Cycling Pants (synthetic)

  • 2x Long Outdoor Pants (synthetic)

  • 1x Medium Zip-Jacket (Merino wool)

  • 1x Rain Jacket (neon/reflective)

  • 1x Rain Pants

  • 1x Thin Gloves (Merino wool)

  • 1x Buff (synthetic)

  • 1x Hat with Neck Shade

  • 1x Helmet

  • 1x Outdoor Sandals

Camping/Sleeping Clothes:​​

  • 1x Long-Sleeved Sleeping Shirt (Merino wool)

  • 1x Long Sleeping Pants (cotton)

  • 1x Thin Down Jacket

  • 1x Winter Mittens (synthetic)

  • 1x Beanie (Merino wool)


  • 1x Leisure T-Shirt (Merino wool)

  • 1x Leisure Tank-Top (cotton)

  • 1x Short Leisure Pants (cotton)

  • 1x Bikini (synthetic)

  • 2x Thick Socks (Merino wool/synthetic)

  • 2x Medium Socks (Merino wool/synthetic)

  • 2x Thin Socks (cotton)

  • Underwear (cotton)

  • 1x Sneakers

Tobi's Clothes

​Cycling Clothes:

  • 1x Thin Long-Sleeved Outdoor Shirt (synthetic)

  • 1x Padded Cycling Underwear (synthetic)

  • 1x Short Outdoor Pants (synthetic)

  • 2x Long Outdoor Pants (synthetic)

  • 1x Thin Zip-Hoodie (Merino wool)

  • 1x Ultra Thin Zip-Jacket (synthetic)

  • 1x Rain Jacket (neon/reflective)

  • 1x Rain Pants

  • 1x Thin Gloves (Merino wool)

  • 1x Buff (cotton)

  • 1x Cap with Neck Shade

  • 1x Helmet

  • 1x Outdoor Sandals

 Camping/Sleeping Clothes:

  • 1x Longsleeved Sleeping Shirt (Merino wool)

  • 1x Sleeping Leggings (Merino wool)

  • 1x Thin Down Jacket

  • 1x Winter Mittens (synthetic)

  • 1x Beanie (Merino wool)


  • 1x Leisure T-Shirt (Merino wool)

  • 1x Bathing Shorts (synthetic)

  • 3x Boxer Shorts (cotton)

  • 2x Thick Socks (cotton/Merino wool)

  • 2x Medium Socks (synthetic)

  • 4x Thin Socks (cotton)

  • 1x Sneakers

Health, Hygiene & Accessories

First Aid Kit / Pharmacy: 

  • First Aid: Wound Disinfectant, Wound Dressing, Triangular Bandage, Band-Aids (different sizes), Elastic Bandage, Tape, First Aid Blanket, Disposable Gloves, Snake Bite Bandage, EpiPen

  • Digestive Issues: Tablets against Diarrhea & Nausea, Oral Rehydration Salt

  • Pain Relief & Anti-Inflammatory: Ibuprofen Tablets

  • Broad Spectrum Antibiotics

  • Antihistamine Tablets

  • Tablets for Cold Symptoms

  • Skin Protection & Healing: e.g. Linola & Bepanthen creams

  • Wound Healing Gel

  • Hydrocortison Cream

  • Antihistamine Gel

  • Antibacterial Ointment

  • Eyedrops

  • Digital Thermometer

  • Tick Card

  • Daily Medication (for Asthma & Epilepsy)


  • 2x Toothbrush

  • 1x Toothpaste

  • 1x Floss

  • 1x Hair Brush

  • 1x Nail Scissors & File

  • 1x Tweezers

  • 1x Eco Travel Soap

  • 1x Wet Shaver + Extra Blades

  • 1x Menstruation Cup


  • Important Documents: Passports, Insurance Police, Bank & Credit Cards, Vaccine Passports, etc.

  • ACR PLB-400 Rescue Beacon

  • 2x Sunglasses

  • 1x Travel Towel

  • 1x Alcohol Spray

  • 1x Deet Mosquito Spray

  • 1x SPF 50+ Sunscreen

  • 1x Pack of Wet Wipes

  • Water Purification Tablets

  • 1x Knitting Set

  • 1x Folding Backpack

  • 1x Kindle

  • 1x Journal

  • Washing Line (~5m)

Looking for Travel Insurance?


DR-WALTER Travel Insurance

Insurance for Everyone (max. 2 years):

PROTRIP-WORLD Travel Insurance

German & Austrian Citizens only (max. 5 years):

PROTRIP Travel Insurance

Not sure yet? Find out more on our Info-Page!

Camping & Cooking


  • 1x Forclaz MT900 2-Person Tent

  • 2x3m Tarpaulin Groundsheet

  • Tobi: Mountain Equipment Classic 1000 Sleeping Bag + Liner (Quechua Liner Classic)

  • Louisa: Mountain Equipment Earth Rise 600 Sleeping Bag + Liner (Cocoon MummyLiner Thermolite Radiator)

  • 2x Sea to Summit Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat Regular

  • 2x Petzl Actik Headlamps

  • 2x Helinox Chair One

  • 1x Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter

  • Stool Tool (mini shovel)


  • Optimus Polaris - Multifuel Burner (with Primus 0.6L Fuel Bottle)

  • Trangia 25-Series Windshield

  • 1x 1.75L Alu Pot (Trangia 25-Series)

  • 1x 1.5L Non-stick Alu Pot (Trangia 25-Series)

  • 2x Tupperware 0.6L Bowls (incl. Lids)

  • 1x GSI MicroLite JavaPress 0.45L

  • 2x Spoons (1x plastic, 1x stainless steel)

  • 1x Stainless Steel Fork

  • 1x Stainless Steel Knife

  • 1x Cutting Board

  • 1x Tea Towel

  • 1x Lighter

Camera & Electronics

Video Equipment:

  • 1x Sony RX100 VII Camera (with 3x Battery & Charger)

  • 1x Rode VideoMicro Microphone (with Cable & Deadcat)

  • 1x GoPro Hero 9 Black (with Media Mod, 2x Enduro Battery)

  • 1x GoPro Hero 8 Black (with Media Mod, 2x Battery)

  • 1x DJI Mavic Mini Drone (with Remote, 3x Batteries & Charger)

  • 1x Zoom H2n Audio Recorder (with Rycote Deadcat)

  • 1x Mini-Tripod with Mini-Ball-Head

  • 1x MSI Bravo Laptop (with Charger & Pouch)

  • 1x SanDisk Portable SSD (2 TB)

  • 3x 128 GB SD, 1x 16 GB SD, 3x 64 GB MicroSD

Other Electronics:

  • 1x ASUS C223N Chromebook (with Pouch)

  • 1x iPhone 8 Phone

  • 2x Infinix Smart 6 Phone

  • 1x Anker PowerCore 26,800 mAh Powerbank

  • 1x Anker 21 W Solarpanel

  • 2x Earphones

  • 1x Wireless Mouse

  • 1x Lencent GaN III 65 W Travel Adapter

  • Cables: 1x Lightning, 1x USB A-C, 3x USB A-MicroB, 4x USB C-C - 3x 0.5 m - 1x 2 m

Bike Accessories

Water Bottles:

  • 3x 1.2L Plastic Bottles

  • 1x 1.4L Stainless Steel Bottle

  • 1x 1.5L Vacuum Stainless Steel Bottle

  • 1x 1.1L Vacuum Stainless Steel Bottle

  • 2x 2.2L Plastic Bottles

Bike Add-Ons:

  • 2x Decathlon Trekking Pole (bike stand)

  • 2x Bungee Cord (hand brake)

  • Various Straps & Velcro Fasteners (e.g. for securing extra bottles)


  • ABUS Alarm Box

  • ABUS Combination Chain Lock

Tools & Spare Parts


  • 1x Bike Multitool (incl. chain breaker, spoke tool, etc.)

  • 3x Plastic Tire Levers

  • 1x Bicycle Hand Pump

  • 1x Small Crescent Wrench

  • 1x Camping Multitool

  • 1x Cassette Remover

  • 1x 3-in-1 Chain Tool (whip, chain & cassette checker)

  • 1x Metal Saw Blade


  • Glueless Tube Patches

  • Chain Lube (wet & dry)

  • Cable Ties (various)

  • 1x Mini Duct Tape

  • 1x Electrical Tape

  • 1x Super Glue

  • 1x Silicon Glue

  • 1x Small Tub of Grease

  • 1x Sand Paper

  • Shrink Tube (various sizes)

  • Nylon Adhesive Patches

Spare Parts: ​

  • 2x Inner Tubes

  • 2x Rim Tape

  • 2x Chain Links (8/9 speed)

  • 2x Tension Pulley

  • 2x Shift Cables

  • 2x Brake Cables with Housing

  • 6-8x Spokes (various lengths)

  • 2x Headset Bearings

  • Nuts & Bolts (stainless)

  • 2-4x Brake Pads

  • 2x Ortlieb Pannier Clip Sets

  • 1x Optimus Repair Set

  • Pieces of Rubber Tubing

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